Sexual Boost

Simple Ways To Boost Your Sex Life


Today’s topic is for those of you who are in a committed long-term relationship to take a little trip down to your memory lane. Remember the excitement you felt at the beginning of the relationship, the time when you still felt those little tingles, and the newness of each other kept things fresh. Well ! Chances are no matter how strong your relationship is, over time it’s natural that some of that excitement starts to fade.

Easy Ways to boost your sex life:

1. Increase blood flow to the genitals

This can be achieved through the following:

  • Exercise (walk): Simple things like walking 20 minutes three times a week increases blood flow.
  • Quit smoking: Smoking impedes blood flow to the genitals.
  • Eat a Mediterranean diet (Olive oil, fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains and fish).

This is evidence-based research which shows that these are pro-sexual things that women can do every day to increase her sexual satisfaction convenient.a man

2. Commit to a romantic or erotic reading

Some people like to read the very explicit material, and other people love to read romance novels, and if you’re not doing something that makes you start to think about sexual activity or sexual thoughts then your brain won’t go there, your brain would rather go to sleep. So it is extremely important to read 20 minutes three times a week so that it leads to the sexual behavior.

3. Focus on personal comfort

Through using a lubricatnt as needed. Lubricant is something that’s placed on the outside of the genitals to facilitate penetration. Most women use lubricant and using it is a pro-sexual thing to do.

4. Use an intravaginal moisturizer

womenThere’s another class of sexual products called intravaginal moisturizers. The lubricant is only really on the outside of the opening, and the International moisturizer is placed up in the vagina just two days a week to keep the vagina moist and to increase comfort as well. They can be used together or singularly, and neither contains any hormones or anything like that.

5. Use sexual arousal enhancer

You should be very careful about what you use because a lot of them contain chemicals. Zestra is a unique product because it’s a blend of botanical oils and extracts it’s clinically proven it’s used by a lot of doctors, and it works in three to five minutes to increase the sensations.