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Skin Lightening — the Secret to Increasing Your Libido


Libido is a commonly used term representing sexual desire. Individuals undergo different types of sexual urges based on multiple factors, and so libido is challenging to measure. It varies based on geographies, time of the day, climatic conditions, and physical appearance of their partners. Without having a positive libido, one cannot have satisfying sexual experience with their partners. Moreover, a poor body image leads to poor libido between partners.

How to be Beautiful in Your Partner’s Eyes?

Though your partner can accept you the way you look, it would not result in a positive libido. Being attractive in physical appearance is a basic step to improve your partner’s sexual desire. The most common way to grasp ones attention is a fairer appearance. Yes, skin lightening (whitening) helps you to seduce your partner.


Lighten up Your Skin, the Natural Way

The cosmetics market is flooded with innumerable brands that project themselves as a one-stop solution for women (and men too) to increase their skin fairness. Most of the branded products are manufactured using chemicals and synthetically produced materials, which in the long term damages your skin.

Egg White

Considered to be an anti-aging remedy since ancient times, egg white decreases wrinkles, dark lines, and stiffens the skin. Preparing a facial mask comprising of egg white twice a week illuminates your skin by minimizing the amount of oozing oils on your face.


coconutCoconut water comes laced with dual properties of improving your skin condition. Drinking its water restores important electrolytes in your body, which boosts your energy levels. A radiant look on ones face can improve your partner’s libido in no time Secondly, splashing your face with the water brings in a fairer skin tone on your face.


Your daily cooked potatoes are rich in vitamins, as well as laded with bleaching compounds. Gently rubbing with mashed potato paste on a daily basis smoothens the skin.


Known as the miracle fruit, Lemon brings out a shining skin tone by subsiding unevenness in your skin, as well as reducing dark circles.


Curd, rich in a wide variety of organic compounds can be applied on to the skin, as well as the face. It has natural skin whitening properties.


Every individual’s skin is different. It takes commitment to get expected results to increase your libido and so that of your partners.  Avoid carcinogenic products and avoid mixing chemically-laden cosmetic creams and gels with natural naturally remedies. Often, this may lead to an adverse reaction and would ultimately damage the skin to a no point of return. Homemade and do-it-yourself (DIY) skin lightening remedies are to be carried out after proper research. In cases of skin damage, or when in doubt, always consult an expert, such as a Dermatologist.